Initial Window

This page shows the initial window of BURAI.

Header Bar

Header bar has two items:

  1. Main menu.
  2. Materials API

  • Main menu

    Main menu, which is symbolized by “>” icon, has eight items.


    Items of main menu
    About BURAI BURAI information, where version and license are shown.
    Documents This documantation is shown.
    Links (Web) Some links (QE web page, psudopotential page …)
    Path of QE Set and Show QE and MPI paths.
    Proxy server Set proxy system.
    Full screen BURAI windows size are changed full screen.
    Quit [Ctr+Q] Quit the system of BURAI.

  • Materials API

    You can get crystal structure through Materials API. Please see here for the details.


Home Tab

Home tab, which is located under header bar, has explorer system. Please see here for the details of the explorer.